Winter Wardrobe Essentials



Winter is well and truly here and as any avid horse lover knows, being around our beloved four legged friends is not for the faint-hearted during the colder months of the year!


With predictably less hours available for riding and more time invested in ensuring your horse retains its condition, keeping yourself comfortable warm and dry whilst enduring the challenging weather becomes an absolute priority.


Weather-wise rain wear


Your wardrobe staples should always include a good quality breathable waterproof jacket or coat. And by waterproof, we genuinely mean waterproof, not just showerproof! Don’t be tempted to buy a cheaper showerproof jacket to save money, this type of outerwear will only keep you dry on a temporary basis and in really heavy rain conditions, will struggle to offer any protection for longer than the time it takes to open an umbrella!


Baleno’s waterproof jackets feature technically advanced fabric to prevent your body from coming into contact with any water whilst still allowing body heat and perspiration to escape via a ‘breathable’ membrane.  Without the existence of this layer, you may start off feeling dry but once you start working up a sweat on the yard you are likely to feel uncomfortable and damp. Reputable brands like Baleno formally test a jacket’s breathability by measuring the rate at which water vapour passes through over a 24-hour period.


Being comfortable is not just about staying dry and warm.  The actual design of the jacket needs to allow for easy movement, so a generous cut and the inclusion of vents is essential if you intend to use the same coat for riding and working on the yard.  Go for a longer ¾ length coat like Baleno’s Kensington for optimum protection – works wonders as a ‘cover all’ if you need to pop out to feed / muck out but don’t want to have to get totally changed.  And of course, check that the jacket / coat features an adjustable hood to deliver top to toe protection.


Layer on the warmth


The key to keeping warm is applying layers so it pays to select a jacket which features an interchangeable lining system like Baleno offers. This provides an extra layer of warmth via a cosy fleece during the winter but as the weather improves, can also be worn as a stand-alone fleece jacket or gilet, depending on whether you select a sleeved or sleeve less lining.


Ear protection


When the wind is blowing and the air around you is freezing cold, nothing quite beats a snug fitting headband to keep the chill away from your ears – and the hair out of your eyes! Baleno’s elasticated Sherpa fleece headbands are perfect for the job and look great too!


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