Smart and practical style for shooting enthusiasts


We may be reaching the end of the official season but any shooting aficionado is aware that this does not mean the end of working in the field since our four legged friends require year-round training and of course regular exercise to maintain their prowess as effective gun dogs.


Whether you are out training or participating in a shoot, the correct choice of outerwear is essential if you want to go for your best performance every time. Keeping warm and dry are of course the main priorities but it is also important to find a jacket that enables freedom of movement without generating any sound when the fabric is required to adapt to any changes in body position.


All too often, shooting enthusiasts are faced with sacrificing silence for a heavy duty, waterproof coat but with Baleno – specialists in high performance country clothing – you can have the best of both worlds and all delivered with effortless style.  The Baleno Derby jacket provides the ultimate solution, combining noiseless fabric with superior protection from the elements (all Baleno jackets undergo stringent testing to ensure they are suited to the most challenging outdoor environments). In addition, the Derby offers unsurpassed breathability allowing body heat and perspiration to pass through the fabric and away from the skin, while the tightly woven membranes prevent any wind from travelling through the material to keep the wearer comfortable at all times. The unique Interchangeable Lining System provides the option to zip in a cosy Baleno gilet (Harvey) or sleeved fleece jacket (Henry) to create an extra layer of warmth but without creating bulk or the dreaded ‘Michelin Man’ effect!


As you’d expect from a jacket designed to be worn for shooting, the Derby also includes a number of practical features such as two chest pockets with fleece hand warmers to help keep numb fingers at bay; two large front cartridge pockets with popper stud flaps to safely store cartridges and other shooting essentials; two back pleats with a zipper to allow for extensive range of movement around the hips and waist and neat inner cuffs and adjustable cuff straps to give a snug, draught free fit.


With the Derby’s classic smart design, you may even choose to wear the jacket as general country attire – thankfully the abrasion resistant fabric with its excellent cleaning qualities makes it easy to restore the jacket’s good looks after a day out in the field!

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