The Christmas Gift that always delivers from Baleno

Christmas is a time for giving, but what if the gift that you have so carefully researched, bought and lovingly wrapped up, ends up nothing but a disappointment to the recipient?


How many times have you bought a loved one a present, only to find that it falls short of your – and the receiver’s – expectations?  Most of us have at least one memory of a major gift fail. From seeking out the latest gadget only to find that it doesn’t do the job the advertisements claimed; to scouring the shops for the must-have fashion accessory that just six months later is destined for the jumble sale or forking out for the to-die for shoes that can only be worn for five minutes at a time before developing excruciating blisters.


Finding a fail-safe winning gift is not always easy, especially when it comes to clothing, where, as we all know, a number of ‘budget’ brands are now widely available seemingly offering the same features / style but for half the money.


However, buying cheaper clothing, especially outdoor wear sometimes comes at a price.  Sure it might look the business.  It may say that it is waterproof and suitable for all weathers.  And it might even feel really comfortable, initially at least. But will it last?


Only a quality, reputable brand like Baleno, with an established track record in innovative outerwear for the countryside enthusiast, is able to offer smart, timeless country essentials which have undergone the necessary rigorous testing to guarantee not just an acceptable, but a supreme performance which exceeds all expectations.  So if Baleno says a jacket is waterproof and breathable, rest assured, the wearer will remain totally dry, warm and comfortable whatever the weather conditions.  And not just for the initial few outings but for the lifetime of the garment.  There won’t be any of the shrinkage or seeping through the seams you might find with a cheaper imitation. And because the brand specialises in super stylish classics rather than pandering to the ever changing fashion crazes seen on the catwalk, you can be safe in the knowledge that a Baleno coat will always be on trend.


So for an extra special Christmas gift that promises to put a smile on every country lover’s face, check out the latest Winter collection from Baleno.


We promise, you won’t get asked that tell-tale present fail giveaway question “did you keep the receipt?”


Visit for more details of this season’s greatest buys.

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