WIN The Fay in Horse&Rider Magazine

Horse&Rider Magazine held a competition on their Facebook page on the 7th of November to win The Fay jacket. The Competition closed Saturday 10th November at 7 pm GMT. To enter, all you had to do was like, share, and to post a comment. The post had a description of The Fay and linked Baleno’s website if anyone wanted more information.

Overall, the competition achieved a reach of around 35,000 people! This is an amazing reach of people that saw, got involved or came across the post. Horse&Rider got over 2,800 reactions and 4,750 engagements! There was a total of 387 entrants (130 by post and 257 by email). This is a huge outcome and we are very happy with the results. A winner has been chosen and they are very excited to receive their Fay jacket.

Products featured – Fay

Issue – November 2018

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